Final Touch, Inc.

Final Touch, Inc. New Construction cleaning. Serving the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas. Will travel out of town for a travel fee McCall, Garden Valley, Ontario, Mountain Home Etc. 
Our services include any size of new construction residential homes or commercial buildings. Interior cleaning, dust walls, vacuum and wipe woodwork and cabinetry, clean bathrooms, kitchen, all hard surfaces, light fixtures, and floors. We also clean interior and exterior windows tracks frames and screens.
We also do move-outs - repos - rentals - remodels
     *Professional Staff
     *Dependable and honest
     *Competitive prices
     *Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance
     *Quality guarranteed
     *Large crew can handle large jobs
     *Doing business since November of 1987
Our Services
  1. Residential New Construction Cleaning
    We get your new home ready for you to move in! We offer a one time cleaning or we can do what we call a pre-clean before the painter does his touch up and the details are taken care of, then we come back for a re-clean and we are the last subs to leave before you move in!
  2. Commercial Buildings
    We clean commercial buildings,offices, restaurants, businesses etc... We get it ready so you can move in! No job too big!
  3. Spring Cleaning
    Any Season is a good time for Spring Cleaning Have our professional staff give your house a deep scrubbing, we will clean all your woodwork, baseboards, doors, cabinets, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, all floors, light fixtures, and of course we do all the windows too!
  4. One Time Cleans
    Any job can have a one time clean / or we can do just specific areas of your home or commercial job.
  5. Window Washing
    Window washing is our favorite thing to do! We do construction windows interior & exterior & tracks & frames & screens! We don't just clean the glass. We clean windows the old fashioned way by hand not a wand! We do 2nd story homes and commercial buildings roof tops and hard to reach areas.
  6. Vacant Properties
    We clean vacant properties! Remodels - Repos - Rentals - Apartments - Move-outs -
We get you ready to move in!
We clean up after you move out!
We Love Our Builders!
  1. Final Touch, Inc. should be your go to company for all your new construction homes and commercial buildings. We do remodels - repos- rentals - apartments We do windows for new construction homes and offices and repeat customers

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